La HOME Box CD Album


This album is composed of new productions and tracks produced by Garnier over the last couple of years and released on five different labels: Still Music, Musique Large, 50 Weapons, MCDE and Hypercolour.

1. Psyché-Delia (Original Version) 
2. ENCHANTé (Original Version) 
3. The Rise & The Fall Of The Donkey Dog (Original Version)
4. I’m Going Home (Original Version) 
5. Revenge Of The Lol Cat (Original Version) 
6. M.I.L.F (Original Version) 
7. Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop) (Original Version) 
8. Boom (Traumer African Remix) 
9. And The Party Goes On (Original Version) 
10. The Rise & The Fall Of The Donkey Dog (Husbands Remix)

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